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Panel Spec 2.0

Panel Spec 2.0

Panel Spec Design 2.0 Software

Custom Wall Plates and Panels
Covid Panel Spec 2.0 Design Tools

  • Easy New Online Login. Login anywhere anytime.

  • Creation of your very own online library of designed plates in which you can re-order from, time and time again.

  • New PDF and CAD format drawing saving with up to date Pricing, Parts Lists and Connector Images to help get drawings approved faster.

  • Easy drag and drop system featuring all Covid Plate templates and wall plate connectors.

  • Covid Panel Spec 2.0 allows you to price your own plate order as you design, your cost is displayed as you drag out your parts right on your desktop in real time.

  • You can design your plates on your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone anywhere, anytime then submit your order with just a click of a button.

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Note: Panel Spec is separate from the Covid website and will require a separate login.
If you would like to use Panel Spec, please sign up by clicking the “Access Covid Panel Spec 2.0 Software” link above.

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