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Cable Support, 100 Pak

Product ID: ARL-CS7-100
Cable Support, 100 Pak


Positions non-metallic sheathed cable, phone/data cable, and coaxial cable. Installs with a screw or nail.


  • Pack of 100
  • Positions cables at a safe distance from nailing surface
  • Positions cable 2” from a furring strip or 2x4 stud
  • Features positive lock to keep cables in place
  • Positions both flat and round NM cables
  • Complies with 2014 NEC Article 300.4d
  • CS7 Holds
     - Up to five runs of 12/2 non-metallic sheathed cable.
     - Up to eight runs of Cat 5 cable.
     - Up to four runs of Cat 6 cable.
     - Up to five runs of coaxial cable.


Use to manage non-metallic sheathed cable, phone/data cable and coaxial cables.

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