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TV Box, 4-gang Recessed, White

Product ID: ARL-TVB613
TV Box, 4-gang Recessed, White


The recessed electrical box is used with flat panel televisions so they can be placed flush against the wall. Its double-gang, combo box design allows you to install two duplex (power) receptacles or you can use the box separator to install one low voltage device and one power duplex receptacle. There are also two additional built-in mounts for low voltage, data/media connec¬tions like speakers, satellite TV, surround-sound, etc.


  • Perfect for flat screen plasma/LCD televisions
  • For new or existing construction
  • Recessed, so plugs do not protrude from wall
  • Trim ring covers cut edge of drywall
  • (2) low voltage mounts are built-in
  • Low voltage separator provided for built-in 2-gang device box so power and low voltage can be combined


Primary use is to allow flat panel TVs the ability to sit flush against the wall. May be used for both high and low voltage applications.

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