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Detachable Head Connector,DVI Source End

Product ID: DC-DVI-TX
Detachable Head Connector,DVI Source End

Tx or SOURCE Detachable Connector. These detachable connectors are for use with the Active Optical Cables. The connectors are interchangable, this means you can use the DVI or HDMI detachable connectors on the same cable.


  • Source end connector
  • Interchangable with the HDMI connector
  • Simple connection design

Compatible Accessories

HDMI Active Optical Cable w/Connectors - P-HDFH-DC-XX
DVI Active Optical Cable w/Connectors - P-DVIFH-DC-XX
HDMI Detachable Connector (Display End) - DC-HD-RX
HDMI Detachable Connector (Source End) - DC-HD-TX
DVI Detachable Connector (Display End) - DC-DVI-RX
Pulling Capsule - DC-PC
Power Injector - HD-PI

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