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HDMI Cable with Built in Repeater

Product ID: HD24.RM
HDMI Cable with Built in Repeater


ACTIVE HDMI Cable, With Ethernet, Built-in Repeater, 24 AWG Construction, Distances up to 100', Non-Plenum


  • Non-Plenum Rated
  • 50' Cable Supports Up To: 2160p@30Hz (4K - 10G)
  • 75' Cable Supports Up To: 1080p@60Hz (12 bit)
  • 100' Cable Supports Up To: 1080p@60Hz (8 bit)
  • Male to Male Configuration
  • Simple Plug and Play, Powered by Source
  • Active Circuitry Built into Cable
  • 24 AWG Construction
  • Foil and Copper Braid Shield Construction
  • Built with Covid’s T-Grip Connectors (Providing a More Secure Connection)
  • Durable, Molded Connectors
  • Ships with Covid's Spear-Head Pull System
  • Gold Plated Connectors

Why Use This Covid Cable?

Distance: Covid’s 24 AWG Active HDMI Cables have built in circuitry allowing for much longer cable runs. These cables are available up to 100ft.

Easy Installation: These HDMI cables are shipped complete with Covid’s Spear-Head Pull System, placing pull stress on the cable strain relief instead of the connector.

Secure Connection: The Covid T-Grip connectors offer a more secure connection, holding the cable firmly in place.


HDMI Cables are typically utilized in the transmission of high definition content. These cables are capable of transmitting both audio and video signals and are used on equipment such as computers, DVD players, projectors or monitors.

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