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HDMI Communicator

Product ID: LUX-CHD-110
HDMI Communicator


The LUXI HDMI Communicator solves HDMI collision / communication issues caused by HDCP and EDID errors.

Note: This unit comes with a power supply.


  • Resolve communication collisions by altering data timing and issuing new HDCP key
  • Draws power from the source device or provided power supply
  • Resolve virtually any HDMI system issue
  • Male to female pigtail design
  • High-Speed HDMI compatible
  • (See products ending in "-NPS" after the part number. These are sold with no power supply)

Why Use This Product?

The root cause of most HDMI problems is the I2C communication protocol. This protocol carries both HDCP and EDID. The I2C uses one wire for two way communications. If one device does not detect another device already talking on the line, it would start talking at the same time and causes collision.

The Communicator has microchips inside to separate the communications between the source and display, and to use a new HDCP key while keeping the EDID data unchanged. This would resolve the communication collision automatically and enable the source to send out the optimized signal format to the display. Also enable the display to decode the copyrighted signal correctly.

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