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Presenter 110 Series Transmitter

Product ID: LUX-TPR-110CR-NPS
Presenter 110 Series Transmitter


Traditional interfaces, switchers, splitters and matrix switchers create some problems when dealing with hundreds of different models, all with different input/output numbers and formats. Plus, future expansion is nearly impossible when you have a fixed number of inputs and outputs. With today's expanding demand for digital, high-bandwidth products, hiding all this thick unsightly cable is becoming a real challenge. The Patent Pending Luxi Presenter™ Products are the answer to these problems.

Note: Power supply sold separately with this unit.


  • Offering a simple system that replaces all interfaces, switchers, splitters and matrixes
  • Scalable to fit your needs - you can add as many Tx and Rx boxes as needed on the fly
  • Connects using CAT6 cable - No more messy and unsightly cable clusters
  • Full 10Gbps bandwidth, no compression - virtually no propagation delays
  • One button “Show Me” offers each user the availability to have control
  • Insert additional control devices anywhere in the daisy chain via RS-232
  • Mountable under tables, above projectors and racks, using UDM-100

Why Use This Product?

  • CLASS ROOM: 1 teacher and 1 projector - connect 1Tx and 1Rx with CAT6 cable
  • CONFERENCE ROOM: 28 executives and 1 projector - daisy-chain 28 Tx boxes with CAT6 under the table. Use 1 Rx box via CAT 6 at projector.
  • AIRPORT: 1 computer, 143 flat panel displays - connect 1 Tx box with 143 daisy-chained Rx boxes via CAT 6.
  • RESTAURANT/BAR: 6 satellite receivers, 22 flat panel HDTV's - daisy chain 6 Tx and 22 RX with CAT6

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