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13-Pin Din To VGA, 3.5mm and (3) RCA Cable

13-Pin Din To VGA, 3.5mm and (3) RCA Cable

Covid is offering the Racer Series Cables at "Closeout DEALS!" only while supplies last.


• Non-Plenum Rated
• 13-Pin DIN to VGA, 3.5MM and (3) RCA
• VGA with Audio, Composite Video with Stereo Audio
• Female to Male Configuration
• Durable Molded Connectors
• Allows for the Pulling of One Cable Instead of Many

Covid's Racer Cables:

Covid’s Racer cables are typically utilized in the transmission of multiple signal types. These cables are used on equipment such as lap tops, desktop computers, DVD players, projectors or monitors. Covid carries a wide variety of Racer cables in both Plenum and Non-Plenum versions. Standard lengths are stocked from 18 inch to 100 feet while custom sizes can be built to suit your needs. Endless connector configurations are available in both male and female versions. If you don’t see what you are looking for on our web site or have further questions please call your Covid Representative!

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