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Multi-Format Switcher, VGA/DP/2 x HDMI, HDMI Out

Product ID: SH4M-110
Multi-Format Switcher, VGA/DP/2 x HDMI, HDMI Out


The SH4M-110 is a multi-format switcher with 2 - HDMI, 1 - VGA, and 1 - Display Port inputs, and a single HDMI output. It supports multiple switching modes, and has a built-in audio de-embedder. The SH4M-110 is able to be remotely controlled through RS232 commands and/or contact closure to provide for remote control needs. The unit also supports Talley feedback for remote mounting and integration into control panels.


  • Multi-format inputs for VGA/DP/HDMI(x2)
  • Support for DP 1.2 with 4K @30Hz
  • Supports resolutions up to 4K @30Hz or 4K @60Hz 4:2:0
  • HDCP compliant
  • Internal or live EDID modes for each input port
  • De-embedded analog audio at the output
  • Support for RS232/button/contact closure with Talley
  • Manual, hybrid, auto and priority switching modes
  • Status LED for all connections on front


The SH4M-110 is ideal for applications where a variety of inputs may be used. For instance, a podium where a presenter might bring their own presentation equipment or a classroom where a teacher brings their own laptop. For example, one of the HDMI inputs could be used for a stationary/default input while the other three could be used for the variable inputs. In addition, the SH4M-110 could be used as a front end for a larger HDMI system where it converts the three most likely encountered signals into a single common HDMI signal.

Configuration/Control Software

This software will help you setup your SH4M-110 as well as provide you with the tools needed in the event that troubleshooting is required. See the User Manual for more about this software.

Download the Multi-Video Switcher Configuration/Control Software

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