Product ID : MU-SIX-PAIR

Murideo, SIX-G and SIX-A Tester Kit


This 18Gbps Generator and Analyzer Testing Kit was built as the ideal testing unit for all custom and commercial integrators. The Murideo Pair comes with an 18Gbps Generator and 18Gbps Analyzer. These tools allow you to confirm correct bandwidth, HDCP, resolution, timing, HDR metadata and many more options that could cause system hiccups if not treated correctly. You are able to connect these devices directly to your computer to expanding your testing with a free software that comes with your Pair.


  • End to End System Testing
  • 18Gbps 4K60 (4:4:4), 4K60 (4:2:2) (4:2:0) CC
  • Full HDR, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG support
  • EDID Read Functionality & Analysis

Why Use This Product?

Sure, there are pricey test instruments available with a multitude of features. These devices together account for 99% of the testing those other products can do, and they do it in a point to point testing system allowing you to keep the SIX-G Generator in one room while you walk around the all the displays with the SIX-A Analyzer to find out what your system is doing.

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