Product ID : ADR-4001

Adapter Loop, DP, MDP, MCHD, MHD


Covid Adapter Loop with 4 Adapters: DisplayPort to HDMI, Micro HDMI to HDMI, Mini DisplayPort to HDMI and Mini HDMI to HDMI



  • All connectors are 18 Gbps
  • Adapt multiple sources to HDMI
  • Durable, molded adapters


Why Use This Covid Adapter Loop?

Versatility: Covid’s Adapter Loop allows you to mix and match adapters and pigtails with HDMI cables onto the loop.

High Resolution: Full HDMI 2.0 bandwidth 4K60 4:4:4 18Gbps.

Security: Covid’s Adapter loop securely attaches to Covid loop adapters, pigtails or HDMI cables with an easy locking clasp.

Additional Information