EZ Wireless Hdmi Extender Set, 1080P

Product ID : EHW-100



Wirelessly extend HDMI video signals from a source device to another display. There is no app or Wi-Fi network needed to operate, the device will transmit audio and video using its own 5GHz Wi-Fi signal. This set is capable of transmitting 1080p at 60Hz up to 100ft.

This set works well with:
•  Apple TV, iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers
•  Microsoft Windows computers, phones, and surface PCs
•  Android phones and tablets

Wireless HDMI, also known as WiHD (Wireless High-Definition), is a cutting-edge technology that enables the transmission of high-definition audio and video signals without the need for physical cables. It is designed to facilitate seamless connectivity between a source device and a display. Using Wi-Fi signals, wireless HDMI technology allows users to stream content in Full HD, providing a cable-free and clutter-free experience. Wireless HDMI is a versatile solution that simplifies the setup and enhances the user experience by eliminating the need for long cables and providing the flexibility to position devices and displays at different locations.

This is the HDMI to HDMI version, for the USB-C to HDMI version:
Click Here


  • HDMI receiver (Rx) and USB-C transmitter (Tx)
  • Video resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz
  • Ranges up to 100ft (30m)
  • 1T1R Antenna
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • USB-C, HDMI, and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS
  • For best performance, only use 4 extenders in one room (8 max)
  • 5V / 1A power input required for receiver and transmitter
    (USB power cable included)
  • If needed, extra power wall adapter (PS-USB5V21A) sold here

Why Use This Product?

Bigger Picture: This extender can wirelessly transmit a video signal from both mobile devices and laptops to a larger screen.

Plug and Play: Simple setup and no app installation required; simply plug in, pair, and begin transmitting.

Clutter-Free: Have the flexibility to position displays in any location without the need for long cables.


Wireless HDMI has a wide range of applications where cable-free connectivity and flexibility are highly beneficial such as: Presentations and Meetings, Classrooms and Education, Outdoor Events, Digital Signage, Video Surveillance, Conferences, and Mobile Devices.