Crimp Tool for HDMI Field Terminated Connectors

Product ID : LUX-DIY-28T



This tool is used exclusively for the LUXI field terminated HDMI connector products. This HDMI crimp tool is easy to use, requiring only 3 steps. (See termination instruction card below.)


  • Crimp Tool for Field Terminated HDMI Connectors
  • Pre-Crimp, Core Crimp and Strain Relief Crimp All-in-One
  • For Use on 28 or 30 AWG LUXI Cable
  • Works Great with LUXI DIY Series Connectors
  • Laser Engraved Steps and Orientation Marks for Ease of Use
  • Rugged Construction

Why Use This Product?

This tool is designed exclusively for use with LUXI DIY cables and connectors. It offers a simple three step procedure for terminating the LUXI HDMI DIY products.