HDMI 2.0 Signal Extender, 6" Pigtail

Product ID : LUX-EHD-111



The LUXI HDMI Extender product is a small pigtail device used to extend the usable HDMI signal. This HDMI extender uses no external power and can be easily installed in-line between the cable from the source device.


  • Virtually doubles the maximum usability of an HDMI cable
  • No external power needed; draws power from the source device
  • Flexible pigtail and compact design easy to fit in tight space
  • Supports HDMI 2.0
  • Uses LUXI T-Grip Locking Connectors

Why Use This Product?

The Luxi inline HDMI extender is a convenient way to increase the usable distance of an HDMI cable. The slim and compact design allows it to fit into the tightest install locations. It supports full 18Gbs bandwidth of HDMI 2.0, so it will work with any HDMI signal. The inline design allows for this unit to be powered from the HDMI devices so no external power source is required.