HDMI Cable, 28 AWG

Product ID : LUX-HD-28RD



LUXI HDMI Cable, 28 AWG, Non-Plenum, For Use with LUXI HDMI Connectors


Element 1: (4) Twisted Pairs: 28 AWG (7/36) Shielded
Element 2: (1) Twisted Pair: 28 AWG (7/36)
Element 3: (5) conductors 28 AWG (7/36)

Aluminum Mylar, 100% Coverage, 25% Overlay

Tinned Copper

UL Listing
Type CM as Specified in Article 800 of the National Electric Code.

Why Use This Product?

  • Repair your existing HDMI cables without replacing the entire cable.
  • Run HDMI cables to exact lengths. Eliminating unmanageable excess cable after your connection is complete.
  • Easily pull your HDMI cable through conduit before you terminate.
  • HDMI offers the advantage of transmitting several signal types including audio, video and data over a single cable. In the past, you had to purchase HDMI cables pre-terminated. With the introduction of the LUXI Field Terminated HDMI Connector, you can easily terminate your own HDMI connections in minutes.