HDMI Cable Tester, Handheld

Product ID : LUX-HHT-200



The LUXI handheld HDMI tester comes with both transmitter and receiver units that can be plugged into either end of an HDMI cable to test all 19 wires including Ethernet/return audio. This unit supports HDMI 2.0 and offers a rugged and durable plastic enclosure.

Note: 9V batteries are NOT included.


  • Measures the continuity of all 19 HDMI wires including the Ethernet and return audio
  • Separated transmitter and receiver design for testing the long cables
  • Rugged plastic enclosures with rubber jackets for durability
  • Test open/connect for all wires, also test for short circuits between wires or to ground. This product is ideal for use with the LUXI DIY products.
  • Powered by one 9V battery (Not included)

Why Use This Product?

There are times where long HDMI cables are pulled through walls or behind tight spaces. Before and after installing these cables it is important to test the cables before use. This tester is ideal when using the LUXI field terminated HDMI products to test your connection and verify all HDMI wires have connected properly.