HDMI 2.0 2x2 Matrix Switcher with Audio Extractor

Product ID : MH22-220



The 18Gbps HDMI switcher can transmit two HDMI signals from two different sources to two different HDMI displays. Both input and output HDMI support video resolutions up to 4K60Hz. Digital and analog audio can also be extracted from HDMI output A.


  • 4K2K@50/60Hz (4:4:4) 18Gbps
  • HDCP2.2 / HDCP1.x, DVI 1.0 compliant
  • Digital and analog audio extract output from output A
  • EDID can be selected with AUTO, COPY and STD mode via the selector on the front panel.
  • Analog audio PCM 2.0
  • Optical audio pass-through
  • HDR function
  • Flexible control via panel buttons and IR remote

Why Use This Product?

Resolution: This switcher supports 4K60Hz 18Gbps.

Downscaler: Downscale 4K video to 1080P.

Multi-Signal: This unit can transmit two signals to two displays.


Easily switch between two signals for two different displays. Useful for alternating between having the same content on two displays and different content.