Active USB 3.0 Cable, A-Male to B-Male

Product ID : USB3-AB.ACT



ACTIVE USB 3.0 Cable, 5G, Built in Repeater, A-Male to B-Male, Distances up to 50 Feet, Non-Plenum


  • Non-Plenum
  • USB 3.0 | 5Gbps
  • USB A-Male to USB B-Male
  • Backward Compatible with USB 1.0 and 1.1, and 2.0
  • No External Power Required (Pulls Power from Source)
  • Supports Isochronous mode
  • Plug-and-Play, No Additional Drivers Required
  • Ships with Covid Spear-Head Pull System
  • Hub chipset provides low latency delay (80-180 μs)
  • Directional cable is color coded on source and display ends for ease of installation

Why Use This Product?

Compatibilty: USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2.0.

High Speed: AOC cable supports up to 5Gbps data rate.


Ideal for a wide variety of USB devices from printers, scanners, hard drives and audio devices to touch screens, and web cams.