• HDMI 2.0 Audio Extractor

    HDMI 2.0 18Gbps Audio Extractor - 4K60Hz

    Product ID: AE-100


  • HDMI 2.0 Audio Injector

    HDMI 2.0b 18Gbps Audio Injector - 4K60Hz

    Product ID: AI-200


  • Digital Audio To 3.5 Analog Audio Converter

    Digital to Analog Audio Converter SPDIF and 3.5mm

    Product ID: ACDA-100


  • Digital Audio To Analog Audio Decoder

    Digital to Analog Audio Decoder SPDIF and 3.5mm

    Product ID: ACDA-120


  • Converter, 3RCA Composite AV To HDMI

    Convert composite video signals to HDMI 720p or 1080p. Plug and play requires no driver installation for quick and easy installation.

    Product ID: ACCH-100


  • USB Charger, 5V 2.1A, Black

    This USB wall charger - AC/DC adapter consists of a 5-15P plug input and a USB A female connector output. Used to charge smart phones or tablets, this charger delivers a maximum of 2.1 amps to quickly charge your device.

    Product ID: PS-USB5V21A


  • HDMI EDID Emulator, 1080P

    HDMI EDID Emulator, 1080p

    Product ID: AEE-100


  • USB-A To 2-TB Power Cable, 8Inch

    Product ID: USBA-PI-8IN


  • Micro USB To 2-TB Power Cable, 8Inch

    Product ID: USBMC-PI-8IN


  • USB-A Male To DC 1.35 ID x 3.5MM OD, 3ft

    USB 2.0 A Male to DC 1.35mm I.D. x 3.5mm O.D. Power Cable, 3'

    Product ID: USBA-DC01-03


  • HDMI Power Injector, USB to HDMI

    USB to HDMI Power Injector for the Active Optical Cables

    Product ID: HD-PI


  • Pulling Capsule for DC Fiber Hybrid Cables

    Pulling Capsule for the Active Optical Cables

    Product ID: DC-PC


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