Product ID : CSW3999-28

Serial Cable, Female to Female, Plenum


Serial Cable, 9-Pin Female to Female, Plenum


• Plenum Rated
• DB9 to DB9
• Female to Female
• Fully Pinned
• All Lines Wired Straight Through
• Strong & Durable Metal Connectors

Why Use These Covid Cables?

Construction: These serial cables are pinned straight through making them ideal for connecting a DTE device (PC) to a DCE device (modem/communications device).

Variety: These cables are offered in a  variety of standard lengths and conveniently come male to male or female to female.

Quality: These serial cables is plenum rated and are built with flame-resistant materials. It can be safely run in plenum spaces of buildings.


Serial Cables are typically utilized in the transmission of serial control signals, such as RS232 or RS422. These cables are used on equipment such as computers, control systems or peripheral devices.

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