Cleerline SSF Tools and Accessories

  • Fiber Basic Termination Kit

    Fiber Optic Termination Kit - Required Tools to Terminate Fiber

    Product ID: CLR-FKIT02E


  • Cleerline Fiber, Professional Termination Kit

    Fiber Optic Termination Kit - Essential Tools for Terminating and Splicing Optical Fibers

    Product ID: CLR-SSF-FKIT03P


  • Cleerline Fiber, Basic Testing Kit

    Fiber Optic Basic Test Kit

    Product ID: CLR-SSF-TKITE-100


  • Cleerline Fiber, Professional Testing Kit w/Data Record

    Fiber Optic Test Kit With Data Record - Essential Tools for Network Certification

    Product ID: CLR-SSF-TKITP-500


  • Cleerline Fiber, Visual Fault Locator

    Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locator - 2.5mm + 1.25mm Adapter

    Product ID: CLR-SSF-VFL-250-ADP


  • Fiber Inspection Microscope, 400X

    Product ID: CLR-MICRO-400X


  • Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

    Product ID: CLR-CKIT01E


  • One Click Cleaner For LC Connector

    Product ID: CLR-1CLK-LC


  • One Click Cleaner For SC, ST, FC Connector

    Product ID: CLR-1CLK-SC


  • Pulling Eye Kit for Duplex, AOC and Copper

    Product ID: CLR-PULLEYED


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