Connector, 28 AWG DIY with clamshell, 10/pack

Product ID : LUX-DIY-28DS10



The LUXI HDMI Field Terminated Connectors offer a quick way to terminate HDMI connections in the field. Using the LUXI cable, connectors and tool you can easily terminate your own HDMI cable to the exact length needed for any project.


  • Luxi Electronics patented HDMI locking plug design
  • Perform simple and reliable HDMI field terminations in 10 minutes
  • Supports HDMI 2.0, 4k 60 Hz and 3D standards
  • Gold plated full metal shell for better strength and shielding
  • Enables repair of damaged HDMI cables and connectors in the field 
  • Luxi patented HDMI locking connector ensures secure mating

Why Use This Product?

  • Repair your existing HDMI cables without replacing the entire cable.
  • Run HDMI cables to exact lengths. Eliminating unmanageable excess cable after your connection is complete.
  • Easily pull your HDMI cable through conduit before you terminate.
  • HDMI offers the advantage of transmitting several signal types including audio, video and data over a single cable. In the past, you had to purchase HDMI cables pre-terminated. With the introduction of the LUXI Field Terminated HDMI Connector, you can easily terminate your own HDMI connections in minutes.